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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card only. 


What payment gateways do you use?

All transactions are processed securely by Stripe.


    Why is the amount on my credit card statement different?

    This difference in amount could possibly be due to the international transaction fee. This fee is charged by some card issuers when your payment transaction is sent overseas for processing. Some online merchants, big or small, foreign and local, process payment transactions internationally, even though their goods and services may be priced in US Dollars for your convenience. As your purchases make their way around the world to your doorstep, your payment also travels around the world to reach your merchant.

    The following table gives an example of how international transaction fees are charged to your card. We have used an international transaction fee of 0.8% for illustrative purposes. As your bank processes your payment only after you have checked-out (i.e. clicked ‘confirm payment’), the check-out amount does not include the international transaction fee which will only be subsequently reflected in your card statement.

    USD amount International Transaction Fee  Final Amount Payable
    US$30 US$0.24 US$30.24
    Agreed at the time of purchase Applied at a later time to the US Dollar amount Reflected in your card statement


    Shipping and Returns

    Refer to our Shipping and Returns page for more details.